MQTT on a Raspberry Pi

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MQTT Server on a Raspberry Pi


In this tutorial you will learn how to install an MQTT broker for your IoT system on a Raspberry Pi 3. The relative low cost, low energy use and high performance of the Raspberry Pi makes it ideal for use as an IoT system controller. This is facilitated by using MQTT as the primary messaging means for sensors on your IoT network. The broker we’ll be installing on the Raspberry Pi is the popular Mosquitto MQTT broker.

Why we Need a Broker

MQTT uses a publish-subscribe architecture which means that it uses a message broker to relay messages between devices. Devices with data to provide will publish this data on a certain ‘topic’ through the broker. Interested devices will subscribe to the relevant topics to get the data they want in real time. The publishers and subscribers are the ‘things’ in an IoT system. Mosquitto is a popular implementation of an MQTT broker. It is free and open source and has great community support and is easy to install and configure.


This tutorial comes in video form from the IoT YouTube channel IoT Bytes. It guides you through how to install, configure and test the Mosquitto MQTT broker on a Raspberry Pi 3. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this article if you found it helpful. MQTT Server on a Raspberry Pi