About Us

About Tamworth Technology Group Inc

Tamworth Technology Group Inc was founded in June of 2017 to cater for the needs of a group of people who have a varied interest in Technology. The main aims of the group are

  • Promotion of self education in technology
  • Promotion of Amateur Radio as a means of technical self education
  • Facilitate a social environment for like minded people to meet and discuss common interests.

    As the group is small we currently meet on the first Friday of the month at East Tamworth McDonalds in the party room (referred to as the 'cone of silence' by our members). We start the meeting out with a committee meeting (we like to keep these brief) and then get on with the night.

    The members have varied interests in technology and we are a welcoming and friendly group. If you would like to know more information on the group then please contact our club secretary Scott via email to tamtechnologygroup@gmail.com